2018 Remember The Removal Trail of Tears Bike Ride Application
1. Last Name:
2. First Name
3. Date of Birth(xx/xx/xxxx):
4. Citizenship Number: CO
5. Email:
6. Primary Phone Number(xxx-xxx-xxxx):
7. Secondary Phone Number(xxx-xxx-xxxx):
8. Permanent Address:
9. City:
10. State:
11. Zip Code:
12. County:
13. District (map):
14. Current Address:
15. City:
16. State:
17. Zip Code:
18. High School or University Currently Attending:
19. Address:
20. City:
21. State:
22. Zip Code:
23. Have you ever participated in the Remember the Removal Leadership Program?

24. Can you speak, read or write Cherokee?

25. If under 18 years of age, will parent sign a waiver if selected?

26. Explain leadership roles and skills that you possess
27. List your cultural activities
28. Explain why participating in the RTR Bike Ride is important to you
29. I have read the above Rules and Guidelines and understand what is expected of me and will abide by all policies

30. I would like to be a mentor(Must be at least 35 years of age.)