Support Remember the Removal Bike Tour of the Trail of Tears



Support the Remember the Removal Bike ride. This event is a important event for the entire Cherokee Nation.

Remember the Removal is an educational leadership program.  Participants will learn the value of group strength and will forge character on the journey.  They will be ambassadors of the Cherokee people and be responsible for each other.  The RTR is an annual bicycle ride commemorating the forced removal of the Cherokee Nation from its homelands during the winter of 1838-39. The Cherokee Nation will sponsor a team from Cherokee Nation’s jurisdiction and will meet up with a team representing the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians near New Echota, Ga.  Along the way, the group will explore and experience activities that link the riders to the understanding some of what their Cherokee ancestors endured the time of the removal. The ride will culminate with an exciting homecoming event as the team arrives in Tahlequah, Oklahoma, the capitol of the Cherokee Nation.

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You can also purchase them in person at the Tahlequah location for Cherokee Nation Gift Shop next door to the tribal complex.

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