ᏩᏙ Thank you

"Remember the Removal 2016" would like to thank the following people, business and groups

Principal Chief Bill John Baker 

Deputy Principal Chief  S. Joe Crittenden

Cherokee Nation Industries 

Cherokee Nation Businesses 

Dr. Gloria Sly 

David Hampton 

Jack Baker 

Jose Alcala with SRAM

Nancy Williams 

Tommy Wildcat

Justin Godwin and the Cherokee Nation Registration Office 

LeeAnn Dreadfulwater

Julie Hubbard

Dan Mink

Stephanie Remer

Greg Mashburn

Todd Crow

Jeannette Whitmire 

David Rogers and Pace Line Bike Shop Tahlequah 

Chad McCarter, Josh Smith and the Cherokee Nation Marshal Service 

Shonda Scott 

Jackie Warfel 

The National Trail of Tears Association 

Red Clay State Park, TN 

New Echota State Park, GA

Friends of New Echota

David Gomez 

Terry Whaley, 

Mike Corley 

Lisa Trice-Turtle 

Gary McIntyre 

Betty Frogg 

Julie Green 

National Park Service 

Aaron Mahr 

Bill Bryant, 

David Kelly 

Dr. Bill Ambrose 

Marla Collins 

Eric Dean 

David Justice 

Kevin Daughtery 

Bill Andoe 

Dr. Neil Morton 

Denise Dowling 

Sandy Boaz 

Deloris Gray Wood 

Luge Hardman 

Julia N. Autry 

Neal H. Lopinot 

Erb Kimble 

Melba Checote-Eads 

Will Chavez 

Sean Teuton 

Pratt Place Inn 

Sarah Holcomb 

Ben and Lillie Keener for assistance with training 

and Taylor Alsenay with Planning