Green's Ferry

Historical Significance: The park is located on the site where 9 of 13 groups of Cherokee Indians crossed the Mississippi River in harsh winter conditions in 1838-39. Thousands lost their lives on the trail, including dozens on or near the park's grounds. Legend says that Nancy Bushyhead Hildebrand died and was buried within the park's boundaries. The Bushyhead Memorial is a tribute to all the Cherokee who died on the trail.

Available Facilities: The park contains two trail-related resources: the site of Green's Ferry (Willard's Landing); and the commemorative site believed to be the grave of Nancy Bushyhead, a Cherokee who died on the Trail of Tears. About two miles of park road follow the historic Green's Ferry (Moccasin Spring) Road, the actual route of the Trail of Tears. The 3,416-acre state park also contains a wide range of facilities, including boat ramps, campgrounds, picnic areas, hiking trails, visitor center, laundry, and hot showers. Most of the park facilities are wheelchair accessible, including parking, restrooms, visitor center, and campgrounds. The State of Missouri Department of Natural Resources manages the park.

Exhibits: Visitor center exhibits interpret the Trail of Tears and the area's natural history.