Snelson-Brinker House

"The Northern Route continued on the road parallel to State Route 8 into Steelville. West of Steelville, the detachments followed the present-day alignment of State Route 8 to St. James. North of State Route 8 in the Woodson K. Woods State Memorial Wildlife Area is the Snelson-Brinker House, which was a stopping point for some of the detachments. The house was originally constructed in 1834 and owned by John Brinker in the late 1830s when the Cherokee camped on the property. Four members of the Richard Taylor detachment died while at the Brinker residence and are buried in the family cemetery on the property. Although the dwelling has been altered in recent years, the site itself is significant for its associations as a known camp and burial site.." ~ Historic and Historic Archaeological Resources of the Cherokee Trail of Tears Multiple Property Listing Section E - Page 55