Radford Farmhouse

Radford’s Farmhouse and Original Trail Segment, Dixie B-Line Hwy, Todd County, KY
This site was built in 1796 by Robert C. Coleman, an early attorney from Virginia, approximately one half mile from Coleman’s Bridge over the west fork of the Red River on the Nashville Road. Built of slave-made bricks, the house was originally two stories. During the Cherokee Removal of 1838-39, the Reverend Daniel S. Butrick wrote in his journal of camping on the Red River and preaching at the large dwelling house nearby. According to Butrick, this house (Radford Farmhouse) was located 12 miles from Hopkinsville. Coleman died in 1846 and is buried in a small cemetery not far from the house.
This is a Trail of Tears National Historic Trail certified site. Historical Significance: Cherokee detachments following the Northern Route during the winter of 1838-39 passed through this farm and alongside the Radford farmhouse. Reverend Daniel Butrick, who traveled with the Richard Taylor detachment, preached at this site.

Available Facilities: This farm contains several hundred yards of discernible trail surface, and the farmhouse on the property predates the Trail of Tears migration.